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Where Is The Ptde Program Guide Receipt Number

where is the ptde program guide receipt number – in the event that you’re taking texas parent showed drivers ed (ptde) to get your grant, you’ll have to finish up the ptde bundle.

On the off chance that you don’t have the parcel yet, demand it here. Doing this illuminates the express that you’re taking texas parent showed drivers ed parcel, and they’ll email the structures to you (or send them via mail, assuming you truly need them to).

On the off chance that you have any inquiries regarding the ptde bundle in texas – reach out to us and we’ll help!.

At the point when you have the parcel and you’re prepared to finish it up for your visit to the dps, adhere to the simple guidelines in this video.

We’re likewise connecting you with a rundown of the important structures underneath. Significant: you and your parent ought to stand by to sign all structures until you get to the dps.

These marks should happen before a dps representative. They either need to ensure your parent is genuine or they very much like watching individuals sign stuff.

To be a parent educator, you should meet the accompanying prerequisites as a whole:. *on the off chance that the parent educator has had a texas permit for not exactly the previous three years, they are liable for requesting a confirmed driver record from the state or nation where they last had a permit.

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The driver record ought to return something like three years and the dps should see the record when the understudy gets their license.

Here is Video where is the ptde program guide receipt number

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