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Is Satori A Good Hero War

is satori a good hero war – in the event that you’re playing the portable variant, making satori the fundamental group’s dps is certainly not a terrible decision.

In the portable rendition, after the presentation of the outlaws shop, you can undoubtedly get the stone, so in the event that you’re a non-paying or miniature paying player, he’s most certainly the primary possibility for your group’s dps.

In the other hand, in the facebook/web form, it is difficult to get his spirit stone. Satori is quite strong in supervisor battles in adventure(it’s just in fb/web ver).

Particularly when orion is the manager so on a3, a7, and a11, satori is exceptionally valuable (satori is counter to orion) and assuming your satori’s power is north of 100,000, you can beat the supervisor of a11 by a single shot.

The accompanying status is the greatest status of satori on fb ver. (lv130, red+2, maxed skin, and so forth. ). In versatile ver(ios/android), the most extreme status is a piece lower on the grounds that the lv cap on portable is 120 and no red tone, +50 glyphs, and so forth.

Other status tables are additionally joined, so kindly check it for more information. (click to broaden). Assuming that you will utilize satori, you ought to comprehend how fox fire imprints functions.

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Fox fire imprints are little purple denotes that are connected to foes by satori’s fundamental assault (first expertise), second ability, and fourth ability.

Who Is The Best Healer In Hero Wars?

Martha – even though we skipped on her in our last article, she’s actually considered one of the best healers in the entire game.

What Is The Max Level In Hero Wars?

The maximum Team Level is 120 for the Mobile version of the game, and 130 for the Web/Facebook version. Upon reaching maximum Team Level, the player no longer receives Team Experience from Campaign missions or Daily Quests. Rather, the Daily Quests provide Honorable Guardian Boxes instead of Team Experience.

Is Ishmael Good Hero Wars?

Ishmael is a quite interesting and powerful hero. He is a good hero and could be a good asset for your team in the mid-levels (50-80). The higher you get, the more he falls off as there are stronger champions which could replace him. He’s worth some investment but is rarely found in any top teams.

Here is Video is satori a good hero war

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