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Can You Tell If Someone Is Checking Your Location On Snapchat

can you tell if someone is checking your location on snapchat – snap guide is a snapchat highlight that permits you to see your companions’ areas and offer yours too. indeed, that element sounds cool, however there might be times when you need to keep your area hidden or need the snapchat include switched off for your kids.

Sadly, it is basically impossible to see who has seen your snapchat area, however you can essentially stow away or control what snapchat reports to other people.

At the point when snap guides previously emerged, a few clients lashed out about the apparent infringement of their protection, yet snapchat reduced those worries by further developing its security settings.

Despite the fact that snap guide permits you to impart your area to your companions and view where your companions are the point at which they open the application, you might need to control who sees it, in the event that anybody.

To get to the snap guide protection settings, follow these means:. These choices make it simple to conceal your area consistently or conclude who can see where you are on their snap guide.

Here is Video can you tell if someone is checking your location on snapchat

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