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Why Did Bob The Tomato Kill Himself

why did bob the tomato kill himself – “enough (bleep) talk!! for the sake of god, put the (bleep) clum child down!” ~ bounce the cucumber.

Bounce the cucumber and his partner larry the tomato were individuals from the veggiefables, farces of the veggietales.

A strict promulgation masked as a youngster show. Sway and larry explicitly mocked the two veggietales heroes, bounce the tomato and larry the cucumber; the names were basically switched.

They showed up in the episode clum children. Larry is a goliath, green, human-sized, human cucumber.

He has huge animation eyes and large eyebrows of a more obscure shade of green and a little round green nose and a mouth with one tooth on the top of it.

His tooth stands out of his mouth when it is shut. He has arms which are a somewhat more brilliant shade of green than the remainder of his body and he wears white gloves on all fours no legs.

Sway was a crazy zealot, who experienced an outrageous instance of psychosis, making him grip to the encouraging conviction of a higher power.

At the point when his convictions were tested, he snapped and went on a deadly shooting binge, killing almost everybody in the house (with the exception of wooldoor) to “save” them from going to damnation.

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In any case, wooldoor’s clum child relieved him of his psychosis, and subsequent to acknowledging what he had done, shot himself in regret.

Is Bob The Tomato A Cannibal?

Role in Video. Bob the Tomato is portrayed as a cannibal who loves to eat tomatoes, which he loves to hear them scream while he eats them.

Why Is Bob In Veggietales?

Bob first appeared in a 1992 screen test for VeggieTales called Take 38, where he attempted to do an inspirational Martin Luther King Jr. type speech to promote the idea of the new series to the viewer. Despite some silly interruptions from Larry the Cucumber, Bob was able to successfully get through his speech.

What Kind Of Tomato Is Bob The Tomato?

Bob the Tomato is a red tomato.

What Vegetable Is Bob In Veggietales?

Bob the Tomato is the host of the VeggieTales show. He hosts the show along with his best friend , Larry the Cucumber.

What Was The Name Of The Tomato In Veggie Tales?

Bob the Tomato VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer has often cited Bob as being “my inner Mr.

How Tall Was Bob The Tomato?

As lovable produce lead the way, every story is sure to have your little ones giggling and singing along! Bob the tomato 7.6″ height is perfect for playtime and features accurate details from the hit series. Surface washable. Appropriate for ages three and up.

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How Tall Is Larry The Cucumber?

Height: 6’4” Weight: 205 lbs Age: At least 8.

What Is Bob The Tomatoes Full Name?

Robert “Bob” the Tomato is the main protagonist of the VeggieTales franchise. He is also one of the mascots of Big Idea. He is the best friend of Larry the Cucumber and a good friend to Junior Asparagus.

How Is Bob The Tomato?

Bob the Tomato is a red tomato. He is short and has small green leaves growing out of his head. He also grows a stem. In his acting he usually only wears a hat, grows facial hair, and sometimes has a small shirt on.

Why Is Larry A Cucumber?

Larry has appeared in every VeggieTales episode and production to date. A running gag in the series is other characters mistake him as being a pickle. Thus, he often responds, “I’m not a pickle, I’m a cucumber!”. Before Phil Vischer came up with Larry as a cucumber, he was originally going to make him a candy bar.

How Old Is Larry From Veggietales?

Base Of Operations: Bumblyburg. Height: 6’4” Weight: 205 lbs Age: At least 8.

How Old Are The Veggietales?

The franchise originated as a video series, with episodes distributed primarily direct to home media, first in 1993 on VHS, and later on DVD and Blu-ray through to 2015. The television series VeggieTales on TV! ran on NBC from 2006 to 2009, and two Netflix series debuted in 2014 and 2017.

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When Was Bob The Tomato Born?

Early life and education. Phil Vischer was born June 16, 1966 in Muscatine, Iowa, United States, and grew up in Chicago, Illinois.

What Type Of Tomato Is Bob?

Given his size and shape, Bob appears to be a Hot House tomato, the most common type of tomato.

What Was The Name Of The Tomato In Veggietales?

Bob the Tomato was voiced by Phil Vischer from 1993-2022.

Here is Video why did bob the tomato kill himself

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