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How Do You Counter Satori In Hero Wars

how do you counter satori in hero wars – this will be the main legend wars counter show you will at any point have to advantage your adversary. why i can say that this is the most over the top total legend wars counter rundown? down underneath you will find direct legend counters for all legends in the game.

I will likewise call attention to the distinctions between the two renditions assuming there will be any. Likewise, for the work area adaptation, i will incorporate counter pets for legends assuming there is one.

Remember that this legend wars counter rundown is for a remarkable legend. Involving a counter for a couple of legends doesn’t imply that you will naturally win a battle since you have a counter.

Legend wars are much more convoluted yet this will be a decent beginning for a positive result. Legend cooperative energies, right group pieces, counters, right stepping up request for skins, abilities, curios, legends, and a lot more parts of the game will decide the result of the battle.

What Is The Best Combination Of Heroes In Hero Wars?

The trio of Orion, Dorian, and Helios (ODH) is one of the most devastating hero combinations in the game. You can put them together with other synergy teams to get an extremely effective and powerful team.

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What Is The Max Level In Hero Wars?

The maximum Team Level is 120 for the Mobile version of the game, and 130 for the Web/Facebook version. Upon reaching maximum Team Level, the player no longer receives Team Experience from Campaign missions or Daily Quests. Rather, the Daily Quests provide Honorable Guardian Boxes instead of Team Experience.

Is Ishmael Good Hero Wars?

Ishmael is a quite interesting and powerful hero. He is a good hero and could be a good asset for your team in the mid-levels (50-80). The higher you get, the more he falls off as there are stronger champions which could replace him. He’s worth some investment but is rarely found in any top teams.

Here is Video how do you counter satori in hero wars

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