What Age Does Sonic Hire

what age does sonic hire – to find a section level line of work at sonic drive-in as a colleague, carhop, or cook, you should be no less than 16 years of age.

At the point when you apply at sonic drive-in, it’s conceivable that the area is claimed and worked by a free sonic drive-in franchisee rather than at a corporate-possessed area.

Franchisees are the select business of their representatives and are exclusively answerable for all work related matters.

The organization culture at sonic drive-in incorporates five guiding principle: regard, connections, enterprising soul, shock and enjoyment, and tomfoolery.

The sonic drive-in drive-in eatery colleague position is a plenty of food administration obligations moved into one.

You’ll work wellspring and frozen, food creation, barbecue, fryer, switchboard and, if material, drive-through.

Sonic drive-in drive-in is a food administration mecca, and the cafu00e9 colleague is at the middle.

Cafu00e9 colleague obligations might include:. You should can work unpredictable hours (evenings, ends of the week and occasions), and be adaptable in all circumstances in light of eatery business needs.

As a sonic drive-in carhop, you’re liable for serving and conveying food securely and effectively to clients, and at certain areas you have the choice of doing it on roller skates.

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Sonic drive-in carhop/skating carhop server obligations might include:. Contingent on the work practices of the individual sonic drive-in drive-in cafu00e9 proprietor, some sonic drive-ins utilize skating carhop servers.

Skating carhop waiters are extraordinary to the sonic drive-in cafu00e9 brand and bring a unique “shock and pleasure” component to the visitor experience.

Skating carhop servers should finish the sonic drive-in skating preparing system. Upon fruitful culmination of this program, skating carhops play out the above obligations while roller skating.

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