Can I Use My Google Play Card On Iphone

can i use my google play card on my iphone – google play gift vouchers must be recovered on the google play store. this is an android just store.

They can in any case recover the gift voucher on any google play account they own. They will then likewise have to utilize any android gadget (get a telephone for instance) or emulator, login on the google play account, then download hearthstone on it, and afterward login on your hearthstone record and buy the packs through the google play store in hearthstone on the android gadget.

You can’t utilize the iphone to purchase things from the google play store, since the iphone should utilize apple’s application store.

Moreover, an android wouldn’t have the option to utilize an apple gift voucher for a similar explanation.

Very much like the application store for ios gadgets, the google play store is where android gadget proprietors go for applications and games.

Here is Video can i use my google play card on my iphone

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